Key figures

Nowadays, Classic Real Drill has :


Over 10 years of experience,

more than 20 employees,

more than 70 achieved projects

more than 750 drillings carried out


Geophysical study / study and feasibility reports

Prior to any drilling, research or landscaping work, studies must be initiated by experts to determine the feasibility of a project (water supply, mining, etc.)

You can entrust Classic Real Drill with the following tasks:

  • Geophysical and hydrogeological as well as hydrological study (implementation of drilling points and / or boreholes, assessment of the potential for groundwater in a zone, etc.)


Geophysical drilling - coring / report

Classic Real Drill conducts geotechnical drilling and core drilling (ground or marine subsurface sampling).

These works focus on research and exploitation of underground natural resources (water, mineral resources).

Advanced techniques and technologies will be used during the drilling and coring work: equipments in accordance with international standards, highly qualified technical team ... Processes for environment protection are of course pursued.


Hydrogeological drilling - collection and installation of water supply system

Classic Real Drill ensures a significant part of activities in:

  • Hydrogeological studies and hydrogeological drilling (direction of groundwater flow, determination of a groundwater protection zone, groundwater test, fluctuation variation of a water table, etc ...)
  • Capture works (water table, natural source, streams, groundwater)
  • Among the main activities of the CRD, the installation of drinking water supply infrastructures: capture, supply network, tanks, distribution network and devices.

Upstream, CRD can also ensure the construction of modern wells meeting all standards required by the client.

 Our clients

Several public and private entities, international institutions have trusted us, namely:

  • WWF (World Wildlife Fund) Madagascar
  • Ministry of Water (Water supply of the village of Vineta)
  • DYNATEC / Ambatovy (Water drilling and geological survey in Soalara)
  • Ministry of Water / UNICEF (Construction of Human-Powered pumps with sanitation area)
  • NGO TRANSMAD, funded by USAID (Water Supply of the Itampolo Municipality, Water Supply of the Mandrasara Vaovao Mahafaly Hospital: Drilling with sanitation area)
  • Ministry of Agriculture / AfDB, financed by AfDB (Water Supply of the population of South Manombo,an irrigated plain)
  • Project DMSA / AMSA Ambatovy, DYNATEC / Ambatovy (Construction of thirteen (13) wells equipped with human-powered pumps with sanitation area and a drinking trough)
  • MIKEA project - Madagascar National Park (MNP) (Drinking water supply works for the inhabitants of the MIKEA forest)
  • NGO l'Experts Solidaires (SEDIF), financed by MINEAU (Drinking water supply in the city of Ambahikily: Geophysical study, drilling)
  • Private companies

    As well as other projects that are under implementation (UNICEF, ...)

 Our facilities

Logistics resources

Logistics resources

moyen logistique

We strive to set up the ideal working conditions in order to achieve our objectives, mainly customer satisfaction. In this sense, the CRD has equipped itself with:

  • Several rolling stock (4x4 all-terrain vehicle, intervention and liaison vehicles: pick up trucks, etc.)
  • Analytical instruments: Physico-bacteriological analysis kit (WAGTECH POTALAB + (NO ARSENIC), DIPMETER 200M TAPE, MICRO 600 pH KIT, MICRO 600 COND KIT.)
  • Mining equipment: High-speed compressor ASHOK LEYLAND, portable measuring kit ELICO, Drilling and boring equipment, water drilling equipment, transport trucks, dump trucks as well as consumables etc. …
  • As well as other equipment such as: generators, compressors, welding stations, cisterns, submersible pumps, tents, spotlights, measurement probe, motor pump, extinguishers, Conductivity meter, PH meter, HIMO equipment for civil engineering works, Garmin GPS, and more.


Human Resources

Human resources

In addition to the administrative and the financial management team, Classic Real Drill is composed of several engineers and technicians highly qualified in response to a growing need of the market of drilling and water supply.

  • 03 hydrogeologists who are specialists in prospecting, resource assessment, mining projects and groundwater management.
  • 03 geologists for geological and geophysical studies
  • Topographers, construction engineers
  • Drillers
  • Environmentalists to act as an interface between environmental interests and the objectives of society.
  • Electromechanics for the maintenance and repairing of machinery and field equipment.

Our staff are international consultants of different nationalities to bring their technical and technological expertise as well as local engineers who know well the actual situation in the field.




 Contact us

Contact us

Where to find us?

Lot IC 178 – Soamahavory Ankadilalampotsy
Antananarivo 102
+261 34 52 495 56 / +261 34 20 510 81 contact@classicrealdrill.com